What Comes After Birth? Planning for Postpartum Success During a Pandemic

Recorded May 13, 2020

The postpartum period is magical - but it can also be challenging, even in the best of times. Unfortunately, our society doesn’t talk about the physical, emotional or social changes that nearly all parents experience after birth and we are too often caught off-guard, uncertain whether or not what we’re experiencing is normal, and where to turn for help.

Join Pebble co-founder, Adena Teitelbaum, Pebble Program Director, Tanya Tringali, CNM and Pebble Complete Care Member Jessica Bennett as they discuss:

  • What to expect postpartum & how this will differ during COVID-19
  • Postpartum care gaps in the US healthcare system
  • Why postpartum support is so critical
  • Common challenges that arise in the postnatal period
  • How to get support during COVID-19
  • How Pebble’s Complete Care program can help you thrive
  • Live Q&A


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    Adena Teitelbaum

    Co-founder & Head of Experience at Pebble

    Adena Teitelbaum is a co-founder of Pebble and mom of two. She and her husband started Pebble upon realizing how challenging it was for them to get the right support after the birth of their daughter, despite the typical nature of their postpartum experience. Adena is a fierce advocate for women’s health and believes all families deserve strong care partnerships to help them heal optimally from birth and usher them into their new life stage as parents.

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    Tanya Tringali, MS, CNM, NASM CPT, CF-L1, PPA Coach

    Program Director at Pebble

    Tanya Tringali is a Certified Nurse-Midwife with 20 years experience in Maternal-Infant health. She has cared for thousands of women over the years in NYC and Westchester County and has caught nearly 1,200 babies. In addition to her role as Program Director at Pebble, she is also adjunct faculty at New York University and Georgetown University. She has additional expertise and unique perspective on fitness in the perinatal period, as she is also an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Crossfit Level 1 Coach and a Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach. She partners with her clients to maintain or improve their health and fitness throughout the lifespan.

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    Jessica Bennett

    New Mom & Pebble Complete Care Member

    Jessica Bennett is a Hollywood stunt woman as well as a first time mom to 5-week-old Willa. She initially signed up for Complete Care well before COVID, seeking physical and emotional support in light of an aggressive return to work at 3 weeks postpartum. While those plans changed due to COVID, Jessica ended up relying on Pebble in more ways than she imagined, and is currently midway through her program.


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