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With heavy hearts we share the news that Pebble has closed our doors. We are forever grateful for having had the opportunity to care for so many families as they welcomed a new child into the world, and for playing a part in the fight for better maternal health.

The care we’ve provided has helped countless families through mental health struggles, assisted hundreds of mothers in achieving their breastfeeding goals, counseled mothers on their postpartum recoveries, nurtured fragile new-parent relationships, and preempted life-threatening infections and other dangerous postpartum complications. It has been our greatest honor to hold these new parents during such a vulnerable time.

Unfortunately, we were unable to secure the necessary funding to continue our growth and operations. As you know, we have always been steadfast in our commitment to maternal health, and believe that women’s health, in general, is greatly undervalued and must be prioritized differently in our healthcare system. We’ve spent the past few years giving everything we have to making sure you know that your health matters just as much as your baby’s, and wish for you to take that message with you as you advocate for yourself and set up a postpartum care team that is genuinely invested in your well-being.

We are immensely grateful for our provider partners who have delivered a level of care exceeding our wildest expectations. It has been our privilege to have collaborated with some of the greatest talents in perinatal health.

Thank you - our Pebble community - for your continued support as we dared to dream of a better care experience for new families. While this chapter may be ending, you can expect to see us continuing our fight for better maternal health, and we hope to meet you fighting beside us along the way.

With love,
Yedidiah, Adena, Mosh, and the entire Pebble family

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